Custom boots, custom made, hiking boots
Custom boots, custom made, hiking boots
Custom boots, custom made, hiking boots

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Customer Testimonials

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Made Boots For:

Dr. Thomas Hornbein ("Everest the West Ridge")
Jimmy Katz (in John Harlin's "The Eiger Obsession")
David Breashears (IMAX "Everest" film)
Jeff Lowe (American Alpinist)
Jerry & Cynthia Kennedy ("When You Journeyed Homeward" by Cynthia Kennedy)
Technical Consultant for: Nike and HITec Sports

News Articles

Numerous articles over the years have appeared in many national magazines and major newspapers telling of his unique services. In one article a customer, while in Africa, credits his "Calden Boots" with helping him outpace a charging rhino. In another case an English don who lost all his toes to frostbite, says Calden, is the only one who could fit his deformed feet and enable him to keep climbing mountains.

All of these articles have been great for my business but my real "sales team" has been my happy customers. I can go on and on about how I hand pick all my leather, my design, etc. but to hear one of my customers tell you that his boots have "become like a friend because of the general good feeling that comes with wearing them" (JK 1987). That's what sells my boots and that is what John Calden Bootmaking has been all about; personal service and happy feet.

Outside, "The Time-Consuming, Beautiful Art Behind Making a Custom Hiking Boot"

Rocky Mountain Magazine, "Bootmaker John Calden isn't out to 'cure the feet of the world', but he does bring happiness to those who step his way."

The Estes Park Trail Gazette, "There's an Estes Park man who knows hiking and mountaineering boots inside and out for one reason: he makes them."

The Longmont Daily Times Call, "Where can a man 7 feet tall buy size 17 hiking boots? At Calden Boots."

The Estes Park Trail Gazette, December 1985 - "Calden's custom bootmaking receives national exposure"

Business Week, March 1991 - "Custom Boots to Tame any Trail"

Rocky Mtn. News, March 6, 1991 - "John Calden has the distinction of being Colorado's smallest exporter .... His boots have won testimonials all over the world."

Business Week, November 24, 1986 & March 18, 1991 - "Handmade Boots for Heavy Hiking"

Sports Afield, January 1986 - "Working alone, John Calden takes weeks to carefully craft a custom pair of boots."

Outside, Jan. 1986 - "Collectors Items"

Backpacker, May 1984 - "John Calden is one of a few makers of fine custom boots"

TV Denver KUSA Channel 9, on "Backroads" by Roger Wolfe

The Longmont Daily Times Call, December 27, 1987 - "Allenspark shed holds international boot-making business"

The Best Report, Exploring the World of Quality - "When it comes to custom made walking shoes and boots, John Calden is a favorite cobbler among serious hikers and backpackers. Crafted from high quality leathers and designed for superior fit"

Custom boots,  Boot Mold

Custom made hiking boots, Mountain Hiking Mold, Mountain Footwear

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